Frequently Asked Questions

We provide tree care services in SW Portland and consulting services throughout the Portland metropolitan area.

This depends upon the size of the tree, the location and your municipality.

We can rarely quote an estimate for tree care services without looking at the situation in person due to the myriad of factors involved. We are generally able to quote an estimate for consulting services over email or phone.

We need to know your municipality and what your plans are. In the City of Portland, for example, a land division requires a Chapter 33.630 report. A lot confirmation and a construction permit require a Chapter 11.50 report. This will be modified for construction under $147,500, for demolition only, and for lots less than 5000 sq. ft.

Our High Ranger aerial lift facilitates tree work, especially when working with trees that have hazardous defects. Our 15-inch brush chipper makes short work of recycling tree debris.

We are happy to partner with other local firms to bring the best combination of skills and machinery to difficult jobs.

Not all dead trees need to be removed. When appropriate for your property, dead tree retention preserves a natural resource that enables birds and mammals to thrive in the community. Snag retention is an option we can help you consider.

We do not apply pesticides.

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